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Hello my name is Krystle and I am the owner, Director and lead therapist here at Shaped Chic. Whilst on my own personal pursuit to feel more confident in my skin following the birth of my son, and with my looming wedding day around the corner, I discovered non-surgical body contouring and sculpting treatments. I thought it was too good to be true until I invested in it for myself and saw crazy results! It was so life changing that I became obsessed with it! It was at that point that I decided to become an official Brazilian Booty Lift Stockist, in order to provide the same life changing services to others.Shaped Chic, based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire! offers a variety of non-surgical BBL services and in addition Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Injections, Vitamin Injections, cosmetic Teeth Whitening and Million Dollar Facials and body treatments that focuses on the best techniques and treatment options to suit everybody, whilst prioritising safety first, and aiming to support you on your journey to body confidence!If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me below.


Here at Shaped Chic we offer a variety of services to address a varied level of extrinsic teeth stains.30 minute session - This duration is typically ideal for those with sensitive teeth and gums. This session is great for addressing mild to moderate extrinsic stains, which are stains on the surface of the teeth caused by factors like coffee, tea, wine, or smoking. Usually clients can see up to 7 shades whiter.60 minute session (most popular!) - This duration is typically ideal for addressing mild to moderate extrinsic stains, which are stains on the surface of the teeth caused by factors like coffee, tea, wine, or smoking. Usually clients can see up to 10 shades whiter.90 minute session - A 90-minute session is usually recommended for more stubborn or severe extrinsic stains, as well as some mild intrinsic stains (stains within the tooth). Usually clients can see up to 15 shades whiter.If you would like more information on some of our other treatments or the treatment prices click Price List!

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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Regulations

Teeth whitening products have certainly gained popularity over the past
few years. Teeth whitening used to only be done at dental clinics by
qualified health professionals. But teeth whitening started to become more and more accessible as brands made teeth whitening kits for consumers to use at home, offering a more affordable and easy alternative to professional teeth
whitening procedures.
Teeth whitening products are considered cosmetics in the EU and must comply with the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products. The use of a common teeth whitening
ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, is restricted for use in cosmetics in
the EU and can be found in Annex III (entry 12) of the cosmetic
regulation. The following two restrictions apply to the use of
hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening or bleaching products:
Products with 0.1 % of hydrogen peroxide (present or released) or
less, can be sold as cosmetic directly to consumers, without any
specific restrictions.

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Dentistry Vs Cosmetic

Dentists PERFORM the entire procedure from start to finish. The client doesn’t do
anything. They are qualified to place the retractor in the clients mouth.
UK dentists are allowed to use higher concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide. They can
use up to 6% concentration.
They are qualified to provide dental advice and aftercare advice
Cosmetic professionals are NOT allowed to PERFORM the procedure. We are only
allowed to SELL the client the kit, assist them with the procedure and distribute the
equipment. Cosmetic professionals in the UK are only allowed to sell a concentration of 0-0.1% HP.
We are not allowed to provide aftercare advice on smoking, diet or oral health. We are
only allowed to provide aftercare leaflets for clients to read through
At no point are we allowed to provide any oral health/ dental advice as we are not dental professionals . If you have any concerns or require any advice please consult with a dentist as soon as possible.

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Pre & Post treatment care

Before you come for your appointment please brush your teeth to ensure the whitening gel adheres to your teeth, and to remove any debris that could affect your results. It is recommended that you have dental cleaning prior to teeth whitening. Please ensure you leave at lest 4 weeks between dental cleaning and your teeth whitening session.Whitening sensitivity usually lasts no longer than a day or two, but in some cases may persist a little longer. We recommend toothpaste for sensitive teeth to reduce sensitivity. Sensitivity can be reduced by using sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne before and after the treatment for a few days. You may also, if comfortable, take pain killers 30 minutes before your session and after your session if required to avoid discomfort.

The White diet

After a tooth whitening treatment, the pores of your enamel are open, and this makes them extra
vulnerable to any stains which can reverse a lot of the whitening benefit from your treatment. Follow the White Diet for 24-48 hours after a tooth whitening treatment. Once the pores close, which usually happens within 24-48 hours after the procedure, you can resume your normal habits. An easy rule to remember is anything that would stain white fabric; Avoid it!
Remember, the more staining your diet and lifestyle the faster you will re-stain your teeth.Taking care of what you eat will keep your smile whiter for longer.

  • Water

  • Sparkling water

  • Milk


  • Lemonade, Orange Juice, Any Acidic Fruit Juice

  • Tea and Coffee

  • Colas and Other Fizzy Drinks

  • Energy Drinks


  • Vodka

  • Gin

  • White Wine

  • Champagne


  • Red Wine

  • Stout or Dark Beer

  • Coloured mixed drinks

  • Coloured Cocktails

  • Dark Spirits


  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • White Fish

  • White Rice

  • White Pasta

  • White Sauce

  • Cauliflower

  • Cottage Cheese

  • Potatoes (NO skin)

  • Bananas

  • Peeled apples


Q: How long does a treatment take?
A: Less than one hour is all that is needed to achieve maximum results.
Q: What results can be expected?
A: This depends on each individual and the extent of discoloration, generally from 5-14 shades lighter can be achieved. The more stained
your teeth the more dramatic the result will be. Teeth whitening whether done by a dentist or another technician will not whiten your tooth enamel the process will bleach the stains on the surface of your teeth. The results are also relevant to how regularly you have a teeth whitening procedure or use home whitening treatments. Where whitening is done every 6-12 months it is considered a maintenance procedure and results will be less dramatic.
Q. Should teeth whitening be done by a Dentist?
A. Teeth whitening is purely cosmetic and non dental. The products we use are gentler than and just as effective as those used by the dentist.
All our products are UK compliant and produced to the highest standards. Teeth whitening, no matter who does it bleaches stains from the surface of the teeth it does not whiten enamel.
Q: Is teeth whitening safe?
A: We offer the latest whitening gel approved for use in UK. We have a hygienic non-touch procedure at NO time will a technician touch you or your mouth. Our gel is gentle and safe, problems are extremely rare. Teeth Whitening is safe for crowns and veneers although these will not lighten as much as natural teeth.
Q: Is teeth whitening suitable for everyone?
A: Teeth whitening is a treatment most people want and can have, however, it is not recommended for children under 18 years of age or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not have a teeth whitening treatment if you have gum disease or are requiring dental work.
Q: How long will a teeth whitening treatment last?
A: Teeth will maintain their fresh new appearance for around one year.
Re-staining depends largely on diet and lifestyle. Smoking, coffee, tea, fruit juice, sodas all staining foods and beverages will eventually re-stain the surface of your teeth.

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